Arctic Academy Lessons without a Chromebook

Arctic Academy Lessons without a Chromebook - UPDATED 1/4/18
Posted on 01/02/2018

Arctic Days are  a great way for students to learn while at home on inclement weather days or when the building cannot be open for students.   Preschool through Second Grade should have paper packets.  Third through Fifth Grade students have work to do on their Chromebooks.  

We've prepared our students on how to find their work but sometimes things happen and for one reason or another and problems come up.  Below you'll find information for signing into their Google ( account as well as what to do if the internet is down or there is a problem with the computer.  If a student's chromebook is out for repair, they can follow the steps below or use a sibling's Chromebook if possible.

Students with Chromebooks should be able to login to their device and go to Google Classroom and find their work.  Work can be saved offline for those without reliable internet connections.  That work is found under the app called File and it's in the Offline section.
-- If you cannot find this, go down the page and follow the work guidelines for what to do without computer or internet access.

If you cannot use the Chromebook

  1. Computer and internet access:   Complete scheduled Arctic Academy lesson by Logging into their Google Account from another device and find Arctic Academy Day assignments on Google Classroom.  
  1. FROM THE CHROME WEB BROWSER: Students will go to and sign in with their "email" 5600____  and their computer password.  
    1. Then they'll go to  and complete their assignments for "Arctic Academy Day __"

 Youtube video for signing into Google Chrome account.
--- In the video it shows how to LINK your data.  This will allow students to access their Apps in the upper left hand corner, you'll see Apps.  This will have their chromebook apps downloaded to the computer that you're using.


If you don't have computer access or internet 
  Read for 30 minutes, practice math facts for 30 minutes or play a math game, and do a writing activity.  Write down what you read and what math game you played or give some example math problems.  

Writing ideas:

v- Report on the weather, give details about what you see, what the temperature is, and what people should do to stay warm or stay safe.
v- Think of a place that you’d love to visit, maybe you’ve been there before, maybe it’s your first time. Where will you go? Who would you take?  What would you do?  Why did you pick this place? How will you get there?
vWrite about the book, magazine, or article that you read about.  What was the name of it?  What was it about?  Describe it to us. 

Please don't stress about these assignments, they're designed for something the students should be able to do on their own.  Staff will be at school during Arctic Days and will be able to answer questions.  Those students with internet access should be able to post/comment on Google Classroom with questions and their teacher will respond as soon as possible.  Stay warm and safe!

PE Ideas
Option 1:

Arctic Academy Circuit

Do each of the following moves in a row, rest for a minute and repeat two more times!

  1. 25 Jumping Jacks
  2. 10 Push-Ups
  3. 10 Squat Jumps
  4. 24 Mountain Climbers


Option 2: Build Your Own Circuit

Choose 4 different exercises and an amount to do. Do all 4 exercises in a row and then rest for a minute. Do the circuit 3 times!


Option 3:

Gonoodle has a "Fresh Start" series of workout videos. They are also on YouTube. I'll add the YouTube link below. This would give the students a visual of exercises to follow along with without worrying about keeping the time.