Talent Show Information

Posted on 04/17/2018
pic: talent show clip artIt's that time of year again friends!  We're currently accepting Talent Show applications until May 9th.  

Our talent show will be held on Tuesday, May 29th.  We'll have two sessions, 9:00 am for PreK-2nd grade participants and then 1:15 pm for 3rd,4th, & 5th grade participants.

Each session will be live streamed and available through our school's website under the "PARENT" tab.  

If you have questions, please see the Talent Show FAQ below.

  • How long can my talent act be?

No longer than 3 minutes.

  • If my talent is singing do I need to supply the music?

Yes.  Lyrics must be presented to Mrs. Morgan for approval by Wednesday, May 9, 2018 and you must provide your own accompaniment track via CD (preferred) or provide the name and artist of the song and request a download from Mrs. Morgan.

  • Do I need to provide my own sports equipment, props, instruments, etc.?

Yes.  All necessary materials must be supplied by the participant.  Mrs. Morgan will supply the sound system only, and school piano, if needed.

  • What is the Talent Show Screening?

The Talent Show Screening will take place the week of May 21-23  during our related arts time.  The purpose of the screening is to assess how many participants we will have, what type of talent will be showcased, and to be certain that all aspects of the acts are school appropriate and that the participants are prepared.  The screening also provides the opportunity to organize participants’ talents to make the talent show enjoyable for everyone. Participants will be expected to perform their talent act in front of a panel of Eastwood teachers and their grade level peers.  The act they present at the screening must be exactly as they will present at the talent show.

  • Do I need to bring all necessary materials to the Talent Show Screening?

Yes.  If you are not prepared with all necessary materials May 21-23 for the Talent Show Screening you will not be permitted to participate.  Respectfully, if you do not bring the same materials the day of the talent show you will not be permitted to participate. It is strongly suggested that any accompaniment music be burned to a CD, labeled with the participant’s name and song selection, and left with Mrs. Morgan from the Talent Show Screening until after the talent show.  We are not accepting MP3 devices (phones, ipods, ipads, kindles, etc.) this year. If you cannot provide the song on a CD you can submit your song title and artist and Mrs. Morgan will download an appropriate recording for you to use. This information must be provided by May 9 in order to make necessary arrangements before May 21.