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March Student Stars                             April Student Stars 


Week 8: Mrs. Tuck   

I have been to 44 of the 50 states. I love to travel.

I have been teaching at Suncrest a long time.

My brother and I played a sport in college.

I am married with 2 kids, a dog, a cat & a fish.

Music is an important part of my life and classroom.

I love chocolate milk!



Week 7: Ms. Smith 

1. I was in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2016

2. Mrs. Gump was my kindergarten teacher!

3. I am a lemonade lover!

4. I coach colorguard for a local high school 

5. I graduate from WVU!

6. I spend most of my summer days in a kayak!

7. This was my first year at Suncrest! 


Week 6: Nurse Kate 

  1.  Born and raised in Morgantown, WV. The hospital I was born in, Vinvent Palloti, is no longer standing.
  2. Graduated from the "old" UHS 
  3. Graduated from Waynesburg University
  4. Certified scuba diver
  5. Used to take Special Olympic kids downhill skiing.
  6. Book lover. I learned to love books from my mom, who was the Librarian at Westover Junior High. She would bring the new books for the library home over summer break and I would read them all.
  7. Love spending time with my 2 kids, husband and dog.
  8. Germ fighter!


Week 5: Ms. Moore 

I love watermelon
I have been a teacher for three years, but only been at suncrest for two!
I just got a puppy.
I play music for my students a lot during the day
I’m known to be clumsy
I used to be a dancer
Homegrown pizza and salad is my favorite take out
I read Junie B. Jones throughout the school year for our read aloud!


Week 4: Mrs. Forinash  

1) I was in the Army Reserves

2) I am from a big family - 3 brothers and 2 sisters

3) I have a cat

4) I love to read, play basketball and run

5) I have two sons - they are 10 years apart

6) My jobs: babysitter, McDonald's (for 1 week), Dairy Queen, Cedar Point, Administrative Assistant @ 3 different companies, Family Dollar, soldier, pizza place

7) My favorite subject - Math


Week 3: Mrs. Olmert 

1. I graduated from West Virginia University.
2. I competed for Miss West Virginia
3. My hobbies include: photography, painting, and traveling
4. My favorite food is pickles.
5. If I could be an animal for a day- I would be a giraffe.


Week 2: Miss Tess   

I have 1 dog and 1 cat.

I have been seen driving a "super big truck".

I enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking and quilting.

Reggae Instrumental music is often played throughout the day in the classroom.

I am a Jimmy Johns fanatic.

I have been known to sell some tasty BBQ

I am often found riding a side by side on the weekends.

I am a big fan of Green Team.

I love cooking.


Week 1: Mrs. Dodrill    

1) I grew up in a family business- a pizza place to be exact!

2) My favorite sport to play is volleyball.

3) I have been a teacher at Suncrest for 6 years.  (My last name has changed in alphabetical order since I first started at Suncrest.)

4) My favorite subject is science- I love experiments!

5) You can find me on the top floor of the building (hint for grade level?)

6) My happy place is camping at Stonewall Jackson on the lake.

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